Fingle (also Mad Jack Flint!) (fingle) wrote in open_mike_night,
Fingle (also Mad Jack Flint!)

John Daniel Winters!

Last night we had a visitor!

Here's John now!

John Daniel Winters was in town from the Puget Sound area (think "Seattle"!) and brought his axe and special sampling rig. He's quite a treat!

I'm no musicologist, but his approach sounds like a complex jazz fingerstyle with himself playing backup! (Samples at his website)

He'd get into a piece, pick out a phrase that he'd want to play on top of, sample that bit, let the bit repeat with a bit of added effects thrown in, then continue playing along, doing a riff off of the last sampled piece, or using it as a springboard to go in a different direction. We had time to hear him twice in the rotation, and he claims he might be back in January! I'm looking forward to that!

His guitar was built by a Seattle-area luthier, David Haxton.

And here's the logo!
That's quilted birch on the back and sides, with a spruce top and a paduk neck... Rosewood? I forget! Anyway, it's a beautiful instrument...

Here's the back...
It shines...

Here's the side...
...and glows!

Working it!
See you in January, John!

- - - - -

And in other news:

Let's see, we also had Scott Smith, Gary Medeiros, Dave Stretch, Brendan Beach and meself in the lineup. Kelly Marzano waltzed in, then waltzed out without playing a set, dang it!

Did you see the new patio heater? It's just the right size to sit around, like a campfire! All it needs is a tray on top to hold roasted chestnuts! We could make S'Mores, too! I foresee some winter nights when there'll be a crowd huddled around it, especially the guitar players trying to warm their hands!

Thanks to everyone who came out last night, especially our regular friends who always make it such a pleasant gathering! See you next Tuesday!

- Pat
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